Ezra Baghaki, who gave her name to the brand, graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Landscape Architecture in 2010. After working in the fields of landscape architecture and interior architecture, she started to take jewelery training in Istanbul Grand Bazaar in 2012. She learned the metal modeling method and continues to produce as a supporter of traditional handcrafts since the first day.

By depicting the details of nature in the most realistic forms in her designs, he aimed to capture more advanced reality day by day. In response to the current monotony of mass production and machine work, each order is reworked in the hands of craftsmen. Being a partner in this story with your patient waiting during the production process makes this journey more exciting for us.

Although floral designs make up most of the collections, traditional Turkish motifs, Japanese philosophies, mythological symbols and conceptual images are some of the artist's sources of inspiration.

Ezra Baghaki, on this path she started with a small team, now aims to provide you with a more unique service by continuing as a team with experts in their field.

“Jewelry should integrate with its owner with the meaning and story it carries, make itself noticed with handcraft, and be a whole with the person wearing it.”