Poppy, Flower of Sadness

Poppy, Flower of Sadness

One of the questions I get asked the most, what is your favorite collection? Even though each design has its place, the poppy is always somewhere else for me... It seems like it carries all the strength and fragility of nature together... Let's see what the weasel means for the world.

It is known as the flower of lovers who cannot meet. As soon as you pluck the weasel from the ground, it starts to wilt. It is not as durable as a cut flower. It is one of the most elegant and delicate flowers found in nature. The red, mother-of-pearl petals of the poppy are said to represent one's delicacy and delicacy, and the black buds in the middle represent the pain in one's heart.

It is believed that the poppy represents the lovers who love to end up in the soil separately from each other but cannot meet.

In England, from the beginning of November every year, you'll see poppy red poppy flowers made of paper or plastic on people's collars. Millions of people, from the prime minister to the normal person on the street, wear these red poppies.

The figure of the red poppy, which is the symbol of November 11 Memorial Day, comes from the poem In Flanders Fields, written by McCrae, a Canadian Corps Commander who participated in the First World War, on the death of a former student, a lieutenant, in battle.

McCrae's poem, whose main theme consists of red poppies growing rapidly on the graves of soldiers who died in the war, leaves a deep mark on British culture and has repeatedly become one of the symbols of Remembrance Day.

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