Momina Silza...Tears of a Young Girl

Momina Silza...Tears of a Young Girl

Lily of the Valley... It is natural to be referred to as such with its white color, rounded lines and smooth leaves... This beautiful flower means "momina silza" in Bulgarian, meaning "tear of a young girl", and "lily of the valley" in English. It has been referred to as the timid flower of the valley. Although it is known with different names and meanings in different cultures, according to one of the most known legends, it came out with the shedding of tears of mother Eve, who was expelled from heaven.

The meaning of the lily of the valley; is elegance. It represents elegance, beauty, being fragile. You can find this flower, which reflects the purest form of happiness, among our collections. We have no doubt that it will be a meaningful gift for your loved ones.

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